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Study french at la Sorbonne University
Studying in Paris
You have always wanted to spend some time in Paris to be able to learn French? Well, it is not too late. IMT will find you a place to live in, an educational institute to study at, tours to visit interesting places. Don’t miss this opportunity! Browse the offers in « Entertaining Tours » and contact us to inform us of your time availability to organise the tour.

If you are only interested in starting your studies in Paris, continue or complete them, or may be just enrol, our team can help you do all the research needed in Paris to allow you to be in the right place at the right moment.

Offered services

Search of educational institute for you (fashion, haute cuisine, arts, medicine,etc)
Enrol you for the first time, keep your enrolment active to go on studying, find out the dates of your examinations. IMT helps you with all these formalities as well as finds you a suitable lodging and activities for your stay.