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How many expatriates are there in Paris?
Who are we?

The founder of IMT:


Born in Bariloche, Argentina, although of half-Russian, half-Italian origins, I have lived in this beautiful country for 22 years. Once I had finished my studies at the most reputable School of Hotel Management in Buenos Aires, I decided to leave my country and family and travel to France. Expatriated in Paris, I worked in the Hyatt and InterContinental hotel chains, where I discovered the numberless needs of different people who come to the City of Lights for a short stay or for good. There and then I decided I should create this agency of personalized assistance to help expatriates make the most of their time.
I started by assisting my own family, friends and relations who came to France. Nowadays, I assist people who choose International Magic Touch. I wish to make people discover this generous country that has received me and realize how magnificent it is. I also wish to help those who come to settle in, either for a short period of time or for a lifetime.

In the name of Internatonal Magic Touch and my own, I bid you welcome to IMT and we will be grateful if you let us know your suggestions and impressions.

Natalia Ciciarello